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A love story...


Once upon a time, in two lands far far away, there was a young boy and a young girl who were on their way to becoming adults.  She was surrounded by mountains sparkling in the crystal skies while he grew up playing in a beautiful town called the City of Eternal Spring.  They both dreamed of America and one day, after each had many adventures and took many chances, they were finally here.

Both loved baking and were drawn to a small company in New Haven where they could learn the trade and hone their skills.  It was there they met and fell in love.  Soon they were married with two beautiful daughters.  

But each had a secret love; he loved bread and she loved chocolate.  He became the head of all the bread bakers at this fast-growing company, while she became the head of the pastry chefs.  For years they worked and worked but as the company expanded, they saw less and less of one another.  They longed for the old days of the now big company, when the baking was done by hand and baked in smaller ovens.  So they decided to have one more adventure, and take another chance.  They threw their hearts and their secret love into their own small bakery and called it Bread & Chocolate.  

Since 2005 Bread & Chocolate has been crafting superior breads in time honored fashion.  Made with plenty of flavor-producing ‘poolish,’ the all-natural starter preferred by traditional bakers the world over, Bread & Chocolate breads are crusty, moist and flavorful.  Breads for the true connoisseur.  After one taste, you will find this enchanting tale has a happy ending.



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